Gay, Bi, Poly, Straight – How Do You Define Your Love?

SNAP! Productions Wants You To Share Your Modern Love Storypoly

In today’s world a generation is redefining the rules on love and dating and sex. When a 14 year old actress from a Disney show publicly announces on Twitter, “In my life–only ever liked boys. However i personally dont wanna label myself as straight, gay or whateva so I am not gonna give myself labels to stick with- just existing :),” you know it’s the dawn of a new world.

Grindr, Tindr, Instagram, Social Media as a Reflection

She’s better she’s better than you look at her, I don’t want to be crude but her vagina is amazing I love touching it and looking at it…

With the rise of social media and mobile apps many people have come to realize their choices are much wider than they could have imagined. In Cock, John meets F the old fashioned way, at a train stop, but it’s easy to imagine them texting, sexting, and IMing their lust. How did you meet your love? How did you meet your new love? Did the two ever cross?

What’s your modern love story?

“…I finally decided I’d do it and come out…I had to make more of an effort than before, and yes I fancied men, a lot a lot but I never got why that changed anything other than who I wanted to fuck.”

In celebration of SNAP! Production’s Cock, we are asking you to share your story. Maybe it’s something everyone already knows. You are in a polyamorous relationship, an open relationship, your bisexual, pansexual, or straight. But maybe the neighbors don’t know, maybe it’s something you don’t share, but you want to? We invite you to click on the link below and anonymously send us your story in visual form. We’ll post it to our instagram account @snapproductions with the hashtag #SNAPCock.

John’s Story is Everyone’s Story

“Why are you telling me I have to know what I am? It doesn’t matter, I love him because he makes me toast in bed and he’s scared of cling film. I love her because she makes me feel as old as I really am.”

John’s story is everyone’s story. The modern love story isn’t a straight path (pun intended). Honestly, love has never just a boy/girl heteronormative story, but today in 2016 a conversation has begun that allows the world to speak about it. We invite you to join that conversation.

Share your modern love story here!

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