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by Dominique Morisseau

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Mention Detroit in 1967, and you automatically conjure images of burning storefronts and police in riot gear. These scenes create a provocative backdrop for Detroit ‘67, a new drama about race and
family that’s set in a west-side basement speakeasy during the city’s disastrous July 1967 riot. Written by Dominique Morisseau and directed by Noah Diaz, Detroit ‘67 makes its regional premiere on March 9 and runs thru April 2, 2017.

Winner of the Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History and described as “A poetic play of fire-fueled dreams and frustrated love that is set against a backdrop of historic social unrest in Motown.”— Star Tribune, Detroit ‘67 effectively captures a community coming to grips with its history and its future.

The Cast

  • Chelle – Dorlette Jordan

  • Lank – Raydell Cordell III

  • Bunny – Regina Palmer

  • Sly – Andre McGraw

  • Caroline – Jodi Vaccaro

The Production Staff

  • Director – Noah Diaz

  • Producer – Michal Simpson

  • Stage Manger / Booth Operator – Jayma Smay

  • Lighting Design – Rick Goble

  • Property / Set Design – Sharon Diaz

  • Sound Design – Shannon Smay