About SNAP!

Our theatre, known for its intimate setting, is an exciting performance space where audience members are never more than 15 feet away from the stage. New house renovations, lighting and rigging, sound systems and cash bar combine to create an outstanding facility for theatre and late night offerings. Dedication to professionalism, sensitivity, and respect are the shared aspirations for every production with the SNAP! imprimatur.

With a goal to both educate and inspire, SNAP! looks forward to providing quality theatre that is first and foremost, “a celebration of life.”

Our Mission
To provide educational and humanistic support and to promote understanding and acceptance of all members of the community through artistic expression.

“It takes a variety of strategies and initiatives to address this pandemic (AIDS). It’s about life and death and the survival of humanity.” – US Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA)

The gravity of the thought expressed in the statement above, coupled with the need to stay focused on the issue of HIV/AIDS, led to the creation of SNAP! Productions. Beginning with a critically praised presentation of Bent, followed closely by the award-winning Jeffrey, SNAP! Productions has been presenting Omaha with high quality, ground breaking theatre promoting AIDS awareness and diversity tolerance since 1993.Incorporated as a nonprofit organization, SNAP! was a gypsy company for the first nine years of its existence. Despite moving to a different venue for each show, SNAP!’s reputation and acclaim grew exponentially. “Support was phenomenal,” said David Catalin, one of SNAP!’s founders, commenting on both the talent involved in the productions and the “loyal and supportive audience” that attended them. “Theatre brings therapy in a meaningful way without regard to traditional boundaries.”

In 2001, SNAP! joined forces with another established theatre, the Shelterbelt, long renowned for honoring the work of new playwrights. Both now share the 55-seat space at 3225 California Street. Together, the Shelterbelt and SNAP! complement one another’s offerings and provide a unique theatre experience for audiences.

The continued support of a stellar acting community, talented technicians, and a generous audience, have allowed SNAP! to stage award winning productions like Take Me Out, Falsettos, I Am My Own Wife, Doubt, Angels in America, and many more.

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