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SNAP! Productions has been a pillar of the Omaha theater community since 1993. Originally founded to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, SNAP! Productions has grown to become a respected institution in the city's cultural landscape. In 2001, SNAP! joined forces with Shelterbelt Theatre to expand its reach and impact. Now, in 2023, we have become our own entity again and rebranded as Ghost Light Theatre, home of SNAP! Productions. Our mission is to produce thought-provoking, socially relevant theater that challenges both our performers and our audiences. Join us in exploring the human experience through the power of live performance.

Ghost Light Theater is dedicated to producing quality entertainment that engages, inspires, and transforms with honesty, integrity, and transparency. Through the art of theatre, we hope to provide cultural enrichment, create development, and offer opportunities for self-discovery. We hope to cultivate the creative energy of youth and to celebrate the wisdom of age. We honor diversity and heritage.

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