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In Memoriam
Brian Callaghan 

Brian Patrick Callaghan 
October 13, 1964- May 29, 2024

Brian was so many things to so many people. He wore so many hats offstage, and occasionally onstage when he was a sport about it. He was a loving husband and father. He was so engrained as a fixture in the Omaha theater community. He was a person who didn’t require praise, yet so deserved it. His dedication to Snap! Production, Shelterbelt and Bellevue Little Theater, among others, can not be stated enough. He was a staunch supporter of all theaters. Whether you saw him smiling from up in the light booth, practiced sound cues with him, saw him hastily shuffling around in the dark as run crew, or heard his familiar and generous laugh from the stands he made an impact. If you saw Brian on your production team, you knew you were in good hands. If you saw him in the audience, he would let you know you were appreciated. Brian was patient, determined and hardworking. He lent a hand without being asked. He made you feel seen. To us, he was a spotlight. Or since this is theater, a ghost light. A steady glow in the darkness. He reflected good onto others through the work he did. His spotlight, both literal and figurative, put focus on others, enriched their performances, and let others shine. The soft glow of the light he left behind will remind us all to be more like him. Shine a light like he did. Enhance those around us. Share the laugh from the audience. Make others feel appreciated. Brian did all of those things, and that glow will be sorely missed. The next time you’re taking a bow at curtain call, and you raise your hand to the light and sound booth, we hope you take a moment to think of Brian. We know we will at Snap.
Brian’s wife, Kim relayed donations can be made in Brian’s name to Snap Productions! or Bellevue Little Theater.

Visitation will be Sunday, June 2nd from 2-4pm. Services will be June 3rd at 1pm at Bellevue Memorial Chapel.

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