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In Memoriam
Roxanne Wach 

We at SNAP! Productions didn’t want to write “just” an acknowledgement, we wanted to write a tribute. BUT….how do you sum up a person's life with only words? How do you acknowledge someone that was bright and bursting with color? How do you write about the talent that oozed from every pore? How do you attempt to tell other people that kindness was second nature and the warm feeling of appreciation was always the undercurrent in any interaction. Roxanne saw the diamonds in the rough, she saw the talent in everyone, she could read a room and would contribute in situations/places without even knowing….just by being present. Roxanne was a silent force, a loud force, a creative force and a necessary force. These forces were monumental in the growth, stability, creativity and wholeness of SNAP!.

A few highlights of the timeline of SNAP! adventures with Roxanne:

Roxanne's first experience with SNAP! was “Quilt: A Musical Celebration” and having her onstage in this production was icing on the cake.

In 1996-1997 she joined the SNAP! Board.

In 1996, she co-directed her first show with Todd Brooks the show was called “WHOOP DEE DO!”

In 1998 she helped develop the SNAP! Fest New Works Festival.

In 1999 she became President of SNAP! Productions.

In 2001 she helped move SNAP! into the Shelterbelt Theatre and forged a sisterhood between the two organizations. (Forever grateful, we are aware that without this move, SNAP! could have easily dissolved.)

In 2002 she moved from the SNAP! Board to being Executive Director of Shelterbelt Theatre.


In 2016 she directed “Hand to God’ her last adventure with SNAP! Productions.

Roxanne acted, produced, directed and helped on countless SNAP! Productions and was vital in helping keep SNAP! afloat. We are honored, blessed and humbled to have been a part of her illustrious theatre life and hope to reflect her passion.


Our love and support go to Dan Wach and to all who hold Roxanne dear. We hope that we can continue to carry on with Roxanne’s mindset and cultivate quality experiences and theatre.

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